Berlinale and the Caligari Film Prize 2011

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
Director: Marie Losier

The jury members:
Julia Teichmann (FILM-DIENST)
Jennifer Borrmann (aka Freiburg)
Peter Link (Weitwinkel, Kommunales Kino Singen)  

Statement of the jury:
Two brides in a park, two rhinoplastys, two bunches of parsley. In Marie Losier’s “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” expectations are disappointed – which is good. Her documentary collage is not a strained analysis of gender identities, nor a conventional music documentary, nor a freak show. You can feel how close the director got to the people she portrays. Through the willful form she draws the audience into her practised oneness of art and life: found footage is compiled with restaged passages, various film formats meet a montage emphasizing breaks, the music’s pulsating rhythm is translated into filmic structures. Perhaps this is the one way to tell the “greatest love story of all time”.  

The Federal Association of Communal Cinemas in cooperation with the film magazine FILM-DIENST will be awarding the Caligari Film Prize this year for the 26th time.  The award, which is donated by the communal cinemas and FILM-DIENST magazine, comprises 4000 EUR, with the director receiving half of the sum and 2000 EUR going towards supporting further screenings of the film in Germany. This year, a new prize has been donated by Trikoton enterprise – a blanket into which excerpts from Guiseppe Becce’s original score for the silent movie Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) have been knitted.

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