Montreux Jazz Festival Free Programm Release


The Montreux Jazz Festival has released a full line-up of free events to take place in its parks and nightclubs! For 2 weeks, festival-goers will have a wide choice of free concerts to choose from every day. Free concerts make up two thirds of the Festival’s complete line-up and account for more than 17 hours of live music every day. Afternoons and evenings are centered on the Music in the Park program, and at nighttime more free concerts take place in the Montreux Jazz café, whilst clubbers can also enjoy the programming at Studio 41. The Foundation Montreux Jazz 2 offers workshops and competitions.

Studio 41 / Cocktail Garden

Opening onto the lakeside, the Cocktail Garden offers a mellow atmosphere in an elegant setting from 8pm. From 11pm, the doors of Studio 41 open, offering clubbers the best of Houseand Electonic Music, between well-known sounds and discoveries.

Music In The Park

The Parc Vernex serves as the glorious natural décor for Music in the Park.
Jazz concerts kick off proceedings from the beginning of the afternoon after which any style is welcome on stage: rock, pop, funk, reggae, and blues – all are accounted for.


The artists have carte blanche for these intimate encounters with the public. Technical demonstrations, debate, sharing a personal journey: each artist chooses their own form of expression.


Parmigiani Piano Solo Competition, Shure Voice Competition and Tremplin Lemanique. The Fondation 2 has naturally decided to dedicate its competitions to the greatest musical hopefuls worldwide, in order to support those who will be making the music of tomorrow.

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